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Los espectaculares números que hacen a "Big Carl" la grúa más grande del mundo
Sarens on Rades Power Plant in Tunis
2 Million Hours No Lost Time for 850 Sarens Personnel on Mega Caspian Project
Sarens Makes a Splash in Algiers
Sarens Big Carl Featured in the Construction Index Magazine
Dubai Expo 2020 in Build with Sarens Equipment and Engineering
Sarens Proud to work with NASA on Mars Project
Site report: Cranes at Hinkley Point C
Belgian FD Magazine Features Sarens
Le Mille Pattes Magazine Features Sarens
Heavy Lift Award Winners in Pictures!
Winners revealed at Heavy Lift Awards
Sarens receives two Awards at HLPFI 2019 Ceremony
Sarens ad and Advertisement in Business Focus magazine
Sarens aids Valhall decommissioning
Sarens completes Whitla Wind work
Hinkley Point: World's largest crane begins work in Somerset
'Big Carl' the world's largest land-based crane at Hinkley Point C, Bridgwater
World’s largest crane powers up at Hinkley Point
World’s Biggest Crane Gets to Work at British Nuclear Plant
Big Carl: World’s biggest crane starts work at Hinkley Point C nuclear plant
Maailman suurin nosturi aloitti toimintansa, ja kaikki siinä on todella eeppistä
World’s largest crane is visible from Burnham
World’s largest crane is visible from Burnham-On-Sea as it starts Hinkley Point work
Sky News features the SGC-250 at Hinkley Point C in the UK
BBC News spotlight on the SGC-250
The SGC-250 at Hinkley Point C in the UK
Our SGC-250 in The Scaffolding Magazine
SGC-250 featured by Bridgewater Mercury
World’s largest crane starts work at Hinkley Point C
Stijn Sarens speaks to HLPF about non-renewables
Sarens prepares launch of world’s largest crane
Sarens moves Siebert Bridge in Paris
Navneet Jain speaks to HLPF about India
Sarens Transports and Installs Steel Bridge Girders in Canada
Sarens Featured in the July/August Issue of the Monocle Magazine
Sarens Installs Sections of the Soderstrom Bridge in Getingmidjan, Sweden
Sarens Features in the May/June Issue of Heavylift and Project Forwarding International
Sarens Big Carl Arrives at the Bristol Port
Sarens was a Double Winner at the ESTA Awards of Excellence in Munich
Sarens' Latest Release of the SPMT Stability Calculation Tool
Danieli and Sarensexecuted the load-out operation in Bilbao, Spain
Sarens Featured in the January 2019 Issue of Heavy Lift and Project Forwarding International Magazine
Sarens lifts a 250T trawler in the UK