Sarens Giant Cranes

The SGC-series, these innovative and versatile heavy lift cranes, are the in-house product of the engineering efforts of our Technical Solutions and Engineering team.

The SGC‐120, aka “Big Benny”, is a 120.000 Tm heavy lifting crane. It's designed to accommodate the heavy lifting requirements for refinery, oil and gas, mining, offshore platform, and third generation components for nuclear power plants.

The SGC-140 has a 140.000 Tm high load moment. Like the SGC-120, it is a ring-based heavy lifting machine with a compact footprint with low ground-bearing pressures. Nicknamed “Big Benny XL” has a 45% stronger capacity than the SGC-120.

The SGC-250 was launched in 2018 and is still the largest land-based crane in the world. With a capacity of 250.000 Tm, it will be the biggest crane in the Sarens fleet. Also known as “Big Carl”, this crane is the third generation of the SGC series. It has a maximum boom length of 160 meters and it can be equipped with or without a jib. It can operate on a ring or on straight rails. The crane's maximum load is 5.000T.

The SGC-90 has a capacity of 90.000 Tm. It is an environmentally-friendly electric ring crane, ideal for projects in the nuclear, logistics, construction, and offshore wind sectors. Nicknamed “Little Celeste”, this is a fully silent crane, the first and only of its kind.

The SGC suite of cranes is a wonder of contemporary engineering design and have significantly changed the market dynamics with the wide application they offer across various industries.

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