Twin Barges

Sarens owns a fleet of barges, especially developed to support project work such as the installation of bridges, lifting operations from the water, and/or transport activities over inland waterways and seas.

The twin barge concept is a custom-built fleet consisting of three different sized pairs of barges according to the restrictions of the vast European network of rivers and canals. Once the pair of barges has passed the locks or other access limiting structures, they are connected creating one large barge. This is done to avoid the need of extensive steel structures that are normally needed to connect different barges. The Sarens fleet also contains a large 100m by 33m barge.

Being able to offer a complete service package, Sarens owns a large fleet of mooring winches, auxiliaries and anchors, several ballast systems, links pan bridges with different lengths, and a vast inventory of additional structures and equipment. All ancillary engineering support as required for the barge operations can be conducted by our in-house engineering department.

For other technical information, please visit our Equipment Data page.