Our Markets

Civil Works

Sarens has been involved in civil construction projects worldwide, providing transport and lifting activities for stadiums, schools, buildings, rail & road networks, power & telecom grid infrastructure, ports and shipyards

  • Land/water transport of bridge elements, bridge installation and removal of old bridges/existing structures
  • Steel-assembly and pre-fabricated construction
  • Installation of complex roof structures
  • Installation of event venues and stadia
  • Industrial and utility buildings
  • Exceptional civil transports and lifts
  • Port-related heavy lift and transport
General Industry

The General industry comprises many sub-industries where Sarens is active. We plan and execute projects in the pharma industry, food & beverage, pulp & paper, automotive, data centres and many more.

  • Loading and lifting of general heavy industrial components
  • (Dual) lifting and installation of tanks
  • Lifting and transport of modular or pre-fabricated structures
  • Industrial moving and relocation
  • Factory shutdowns
  • Renting of material handling equipment
  • Transport and lifting activities at shipyards
  • Relocation of harbour cranes
Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Sarens engineering, project and sales teams comprehend today's high standards in the petrochemical, oil and gas industry. With safety as the utmost goal, our specialists focus on providing efficient solutions from factory to foundation.

  • Full-scope heavy logistics at any stage of the projects (construction of oil rigs, refineries and distribution networks, turnarounds, shutdowns, decommissioning), acting as single service provider
  • Turnaround and revamp management of existing facilities and sites
  • Maintenance activities to all our clients after construction
  • Heavy haulage, lifting, skidding, jacking operations of heavy components such as reactors, splitter columns, staircase modules, hydrocracker reactor vessels, depentanizers, rectifying towers, pipe rack modules, regenerators, etc.
  • Coordination of the flow of parts and material from factory to foundation, so there be no worrying about transportation to the site
  • Midstream heavy haulage and lifting services (construction & maintenance of storage facilities and distribution networks)
Nuclear Energy

With over 125 highly qualified engineers working at locations across the globe, we provide not only innovation for the greatest possible value that is cost-effective and safe but immediate solutions.

  • New plant construction (small- and large-scale)
  • Critical component replacement (steam generators, reactor vessel heads, core internals, condensers, heaters, turbines, stators and transformers)
  • Decommissioning and disposal (Horizontal Storage Modules (HSMs); Steam Dome Cutout and Removal; Large Component Segmentation)
  • Maintenance support
  • Dry fuel storage & installation
  • 3D engineering solutions
Power Plants

When dealing with power plants at Sarens, we discuss advantages and disadvantages with our clients. Is the site in a windy area? Are there any constraints? What about the occupation on site? In practice, we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Engineering solutions for installation with gantry, jacking and skidding
  • Tailor-made engineering for internal transportation on site
  • For equipment transportation to the site, Just-In-time delivery concept to minimize storage costs and have an optimal flow of materials so that the assembly can go as planned, without any risk of interruptions
  • Lay-down area concept for storage
  • Assembly of parts on the ground to save costs and increase safety
  • Avoiding double handlings & concept generation on the storage yard
  • Concepts for the installation of Denox/Desox in existing coals plants
Mining & Minerals

Since the mid-2000s, Sarens has been building a strong reputation in the minerals and mining industry. Sarens offers a vast array of support to our clients from this market.

  • Tailormade engineering and on-site moves of shovels, draglines, gantries, and tunnel boring machines. We provide the assembly of complete stacker and reclaimer modules, sky shafts, and ship loaders
  • Module handling and load-in services at the manufacturing yard, loadout and inland transport services to often remote regions, and heavy lifting and installation works on site
  • Relocation of equipment and facilities from one deposit to another
  • During project execution, Sarens provides on-site management, engineering and drawing capabilities, operators and installation teams, equipment maintenance, and spare part logistics
  • Heavy haulage and lifting services during expansions and turnarounds
  • Mechanical maintenance of mining installations
Onshore Wind

Sarens global presence, its large crane fleet, and its broad experience in the transportation, lifting and installation of wind turbines, makes it a valuable partner in the wind power sector.

Onshore, Sarens provides every level of lifting solutions, from bare crane rental to turnkey projects with an all-in TCI (Transport, Craning, and Installation) service coverage. We complement our full-scope project management with providing onshore logistics such as the loading and unloading of extremely heavy wind turbine parts, logistics management, and just-in-time delivery of the different parts. Our partnerships with harbour operators ensure a one-stop-shop solution for all harbour logistics, resulting in time and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

As a technically-innovative, technology-driven company, clients have always relied on our cutting-edge technology for their wind heavy lifting and special transport requirements. With over 125 highly qualified engineers working at locations across the globe, we provide not only innovation for the greatest possible value that is cost-effective and safe, but also immediate solutions. We are an ISO certified organisation with a team of engineers and operational staff who are experts in the wind industry and execute projects exceeding the highest client standards.

Offshore Wind

The global offshore wind market has matured, altering the requirements in terms of logistics and the supply chain. Sarens serves this sector by providing solutions for turbine marshalling, foundation marshalling, as well as substation construction and load out.

  • Lifting of wind farm jackets
  • Engineering, design and execution of the port marshalling of fixed bottom offshore wind project equipment
  • Load-in, load-out, and transport of all types of fixed-bottom foundations including XXL monopiles and transition pieces, jackets (including suction bucket jackets), and pin piles
  • One-stop-shop solution to almost all phases of FLOW (floating offshore wind) projects that will be developed in many places around the world in the coming years