Financial Information

Following the strategic decisions made in 2020 and 2021, the financial results have shown Sarens to be resilient in the face of global financial shocks.


The Turnover (including WIP) decreased by 8,9% from 630,9 million EUR in 2020 to 574,6 million EUR in 2021. The 2021 turnover reflects the ongoing shift from major project revenue base towards a diversified project and rental revenue base, as the reduction in the turnover due to the ending of the TCO project in Q2/ Q3 2021 as well as completion of other projects in USA was partly compensated by increased rental revenue e.g. in Western Europe and Asia Pacific.

Despite the impact of Covid-19 on the financial performance and as a result of cost control measures and strategic decisions taken by management, the Group was able to generate an EBITDA of 142,3 million EUR compared to 156,7 million EUR in 2020 and this at a stable EBITDA-margin of 24,8%.

Depreciation decreased from 99,4 million EUR in 2020 to 92,9 million EUR in 2021 and provisions for doubtful debtors and impairments on contracts in progress increased from 6,3 million EUR in 2020 to 7,6 million EUR in 2021. Provisions for risks and costs related to dispute settlement and litigations amounted to 3,9 million EUR in 2021 compared to 1,1 million EUR in 2020.

The Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) amounted to 37,9 million EUR in 2021 compared to 49,9 million EUR in 2020.

Net Financial Result in 2021 was positively affected by a 3,0 million EUR decrease of net interests and bank charges and favourable currency fluctuations, both realised and unrealised. In 2021, net exchange revenue of 11,7 million EUR was accounted for, compared to net exchange charges of 23,1 million EUR in 2020. The company has adopted the policy not to hedge translation differences.

Net non-recurring Result remained limited to minus 1,2 million EUR in 2021 compared to plus 0,2 million EUR in 2020.

Income Tax increased from a positive result of 3,1 million EUR in 2020 to a positive result of 5,2 million EUR in 2021, mainly due to a reduction of deferred tax liabilities in 2021.

Net Result of the company came out at a profit of 8,3 million EUR compared to a loss of 14,0 million EUR in 2020.



The balance sheet total amounted to 1.255,0 million EUR compared to 1.274,3 million EUR at the end of 2020.

Tangible Fixed Assets amounted to 932,9 million EUR at the end of 2021 compared to 957,8 million EUR at the end of 2020, hence representing 74,3% of the balance sheet total, and mainly consisted of highend heavy lifting and complex transport equipment for which an active global market exists in terms of project work, rental services and second hand trading.

Working capital decreased from 61,2 million EUR at the end of 2020 to 45,7 million EUR at the end of 2021, mainly as a result of the decrease in outstanding trade debtors and other receivables.

Net Financial Debt decreased from 724,0 million EUR at the end of 2020 to 674,4 million EUR at the end of 2021 or by 49,6 million EUR reflecting company strategy and focus on deleveraging, after a period of exceptional investments in previous years in project equipment for TCO and HPC, amongst which the SGC-250, and the SGC-140.


Cash flow from Operations increased from 100,8 million EUR in 2020 to 129,2 million EUR in 2021 reflecting 2021 EBITDA performance and continued focus on working capital. The Cashflow from Operations in 2021 includes a change in working capital of +5,0 million EUR (compared to -38,7 million EUR in 2020).

Capital Expenditures remained stable at 47,0 million EUR in 2021 compared to 47,1 million EUR in 2020.

As a result of the 2021 EBITDA performance, strong operational cash flow generation and strict capital expenditures the company generated in 2021 a positive free cash flow of 49,6 million EUR compared to 16,0 million EUR in 2020.

Cash and cash equivalents amounted to 65,1 million EUR at the end of 2021 compared to 44,6 million EUR at the end of 2020.

As a result of the healthy financial performance in 2021, leverage ratios remain well ahead of the levels agreed with our financing partners, which resulted in adequate covenant headroom at the end of 2021.


Alexandra Lambrecht