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Sarens entered US Heavy lift and heavy haul space in 2009 by acquiring Rigging International, a company based in California. We officialy changed the name to Sarens USA, INC. in 2012.

Sarens USA, INC has offices in Houston from where we cover the Gulf area, in Montana from where we cover the Midwest, and in Rowesville from where we cover the East coast.


We provide Engineered Heavy Lifting Services

Heavy Lifting

  • We provide Project-based heavy lift services
  • Turnaround maintenance
  • Installation of turbines & generators
  • Erection of steel structures
  • Erection of heat exchangers
  • Installation of mechanical equipment, drums, casing / inlet ducts, vessels, pumps

Heavy Transport Services

  • Out of Gauge and abnormal load transport
  • Project based heavy transport
  • Rental of specialized transport equipment
  • Factory-to-Foundation

Decomissioning and Dismantling Services

Rental Services

  • We provide bare lease as well as operated rentals services
  • Skidding & jacking


  • New nuclear plant construction
  • Operating nuclear plant
  • Small Modular Reactor (SMR)
  • Decommissioning
  • Department of Energy (DOE)
  • Government
  • Thermal power plants
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Major civil projects including:
    • Airports
    • Bridges
    • Stadia
    • Ports & yards
    • Oversized heavy haul


  • Hydraulic cranes
  • Cranes ranging from 90T to 3200T
  • Hydraulic jacks
  • Strand jacks
  • Self Propelled Modular Trailers
  • Semi trailers
  • Out of Gauge transport


Houston, Texas (Office & Yard)
10855 John Ralston Rd
Houston, TX 77044
Tel: 832 536 3669
Fax: 832 615 2678

Missoula, Montana (Office)
7168 Expressway
Missoula, MT 59808
Tel: 406 543 4427

Rowesville, South Carolina (Office & Yard)
122 River Dr
Rowesville, SC 29133
Tel: 832 714 0176

Sorrento LA (Yard)
9204-A Highway 61
Sorrento, LA 70778
Tel: 225 450 7027



Sarens in the Media

Press releases from other media, statements, commentaries and feature stories.

España necesitaría construir 85 parques eólicos offshore de 200 MW de potencia unitaria para alcanzar los objetivos europeos
Las energías renovables, principalmente la Eólica, indispensables para la reindustrialización y reactivación económica en la era post-Covid
La gran oportunidad de la eólica marina en España
Para 2050 España debería contar con 17.000 MW de eólica marina
Sarens transports and loads-out jacket and topside of a transformer module in China
Demag CC 3800-1 Renews Stadium of FC Metz
Sarens Canada Buys National Crane NBT55L & NBT30H-2 Boom Truck Cranes
BLRT Grupp shipped last sections of railway bridge to Stockholm
Sarens Installing Components at Lamma Power Station in Hong Kong
PLC unit gets wind turbine installation job in Kazakhstan
Sarens Canada strengthens its fleet with three new National Crane boom trucks supplied by Strongco
Three National Crane Boom Trucks go to Sarens in Canada
Sarens Canada adds 3 new National Crane boom trucks to its fleet
Desescalada y recuperación económica sostenible, a debate en Meriendas Verdes
Fondos europeos y la voluntad de la sociedad impulsarán recuperación verde
España se desprende del carbón y pone en marcha una ‘reindustrialización’ más sostenible con miras a los ODS 2030
World’s largest crane companies 2020
CS350 added to Sarens climbing jack fleet
Sarens Launches New CS350 Climbing System
Sarens Canada strengthens its fleet with three new National Crane boom trucks supplied by Strongco
Sarens SGC-120 lifts jackets for the MoreEast Offshore Wind Farm
Sarens Canada Purchases Boom Trucks
España se desprende del carbón y pone en marcha una ‘reindustrialización’ más sostenible con miras a los ODS 2030
España se desprende del carbón y pone en marcha una ‘reindustrialización’ más sostenible con miras a los ODS 2030
Sarens’ Sanitation Tanks Installation at Camp Site in France
Sarens Installation Work at Lamma Power Station in Hong Kong
Sarens CC8800-1 Crane Takes Leading Role at Chinese Nuclear Installation Site
Demag and Sarens Lift Roof at FC Metz – Video
Sarens Features on the Cover Page of Energy, Oil & Gas Magazine
Sarens Performs Ship Hull Transport for Karstensen Shipyard in Poland
Samoco Acquires Heavy’s lifting and Handling Activities
Sarens Features on the Cover Page of Canes Today Magazine
Sarens in the June Issue of Cranes Today Magazine
Sarens Installs 3 Gas Turbine Generator Sets in Malaysia
Sarens Partner in Nigerian Power Plant Lift
Sarens Lifts and Installs 67 Wind Turbines at Norwegian Wind Farm
Sarens helps renovate in central Amsterdam
El consumo de energía aumentará un 60% hasta 2050
Las renovables, otro factor más a tener en cuenta en la reactivación económica
El consumo de energía mundial se incrementará un 60% hasta 2050
El sector eólico reinicia casi al 100% su actividad y se perfila como uno de los principales sectores para reactivar la economía cuando más se le necesita
¿Por qué apostar por las renovables es un buen negocio para España y para el mundo? Por (*) Arjen Vergunst (Sarens)
Sarens: El sector de la construcción como dinamizador de la economía (otra vez)
El coronavirus ralentiza pero no logra paralizar la actividad del sector eólico
Sarens trabaja casi a pleno rendimiento a pesar de la Covid-19
El sector de la construcción como dinamizador de la economía (otra vez)
Sarens Lifts Pipeline in Normandy, France
Pooley Bridge span lifted into place
Sarens Earns Award for Liverpool Project
Sarens completes Kvitfjell Raudfjell installations
Sarens in the April Issue of Heavy Lift and Project Forwarding International
Sarens in the latest issue of Cranes Today
Pipelay by Sarens in Normandy, France
Sarens Installs 13 Wind Turbines at Kazakhstan Project Site
Amsterdam Central Make-Over Assisted By Sarens
Norway’s Beitstad Bridge opens
Humanity Needs Something Stronger to fight COVID-19 – Sarens Video
This is Big Carl, the largest crane in the world: it is owned by Sarens and used to lift the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant
Nuclear power could be the new great alternative to global energy demand without an environmental footprint
Gas plant expansion work for Sarens
Sarens Pull a Unique Solution Out of their Box
Sarens Honored to Support NASA on Pivotal Mission to Mars Project
Sarens Reaching the Top in Brussels
Spain Should Double the Wind Farms Number to Achieve SDG2030 According to Sarens
Sarens Talks about Modular Construction for Hospitals due to COVID-1
Sarens Talks about Modular Construction for Hospitals
Sarens on the Importance of Renewable Energy
Wind Farms to Achieve the SDG 2030
Spain Should Double the Number of Wind Farms to Achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
Sarens Talks about Wind Farm Construction in Spain
Sarens Estimates that Spain will have to Build 1,200 Wind Farms in 10 years.
10 Tips of Sarens Women Workers for Women New to Construction
10 Tips of Sarens Women Workers for Women New to construction
Heavy Lift Awards category spotlight: Safety Award
Marine Loading Arms Transported by Sarens
Sarens Sponsors Heavy Lift Awards category - Airfreight Solution of the Year
Sarens Transports Marine Loading Arms at the Talara Refinery
Sarens Installs 977-Tonne Tunnel Drilling Machine In Créteil, France
Sarens Transports and Installs the Boston Barrier
Sarens Completes First Major Lift At Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station In The UK
Big Carl’s first major lift at HPC
Spotlight on Maintenance and Shutdown Services by Sarens SIBA in South Africa
Orleans Selected for New Sarens Dépôt in France
Sarens Dismantles ADC-101 Reactor at PEMEX Plant in Mexico
Sarens Transports Enormous C3 Splitter for Gas-Chemical Complex in Kazakhstan
Sarens moves giant 1,050-tonne splitter by road
Reactor Dismantled in Mexico by Sarens
Vancouver Neptune Terminal Export Facility Gets a Boost from Sarens
Carrying the weight of the world
Big Carl completes first big lift at Hinkley