The Reliance Petroleum Limited Refinery Project
Sarens was contacted by Reliance to perform heavy lifting works and installations of heavy refining columns in their ongoing J3 project.
November 2016

Reliance, one of the leaders in Oil and gas sector, is building world's largest Refinery & Petrochemical complex at Jamnagar, Gujarat. With crude processing capacity of 1.24 million Barrels per Stream Day (BPSD), the Jamnagar refinery is a trendsetter and has won several awards, including the prestigious 'International Refiner of The Year' award. It also enjoys the distinction of housing some of the world's largest units, such as the Fluidised Catalytic Cracker (FCC), Coker, Alkylation, Paraxylene and Polypropylene plants.

Sarens was contacted by Reliance to perform heavy lifting works and installations of heavy refining columns in their ongoing expansion project. The engineering and operations team analyzed the site and the tasks to be carried out and proposed lifting solution with the help of CC8800-1 in Boom booster configuration.

The crane was brought to the site from the nearby Sikka Jetty and was assembled in 14 days along with the boom booster kit. The project involved the erection and installation of 9 heavy refining, free on foundation, columns at HPIB DTA, J3 project, weighing between 460t to 620t and heights ranging from 68m to 75m.

The final lift of the Prefractionator Column was carried out by CC8800-1 BB in BSSL 114 m configuration along with a tailing crane CC2500. Slings were connected to the trunnion provided on vessel for main lifting and tailing. Lifting area was cleared of all obstacles to avoid any accidents and ensure all safety parameters. The ground bearing pressure, weather conditions, hydraulic hoses, motors and all important parameters were cross checked before proceeding for the lift.

The CC8800-1 smoothly moved to the lift location in complete coordination with the tailing crane and positioned itself to perform the lift. The column weighed 305 metric tonne with a height of 85m. The placement/pickup radius was 35/27m. The crane took precise 55 minutes to carry out the lift followed by final alignment and locking. Similarly the crane carried out the erection and installation of 8 similar and heavier columns.

The crane was successfully dismantled and left back happy clients. Sarens has been a trusted partner of Reliance for carrying out strategic lifts at their refinery. We also deployed our mightiest crane SGC 120 last year at the refinery to successfully carry out some crucial benchmark lifts. In words of our India Operations Head, Jatinder Seth, "Working in a Reliance project site is always challenging due to the tight schedule and stringent safety norms being followed by Reliance. It is a matter of great pride for Sarens Team in completing these heavy lifts in a thoroughly professional manner and without even a single incident. With successful completion of SGC 120 Lifts and now the Boom Booster we have been able to instil a strong confidence in the Reliance Project Team towards Sarens." 

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