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  • Polar Station

    Largest Fixed Shiploader Installed

    Sarens Installs World's Largest Fixed Shiploader at Convent Marine Terminal.

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  • Polar Station

    The NATO Star Move

    Sarens Moves The Powerful "NATO Star" To Its New Home.                                                                              

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  • Polar Station

    World's Largest Stinger Load-out

    Breathtaking Load-out of The World's Largest Stinger Atop The Pioneering Spirit.

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About Sarens

Sarens is the recognized worldwide leader and reference in heavy lifting and engineered transport.

With state of the art equipment and value engineering, we offer our customers creative and intelligent solutions to today's heavy lifting and engineered transport challenges.

With more than 100 entities in 60 countries operating without borders, Sarens is the ideal partner for small-scale to megascale projects.  We currently employee 4400 professionals and diligently man our clients´ projects with top market talent from across the world.

Additionally, safety and quality  are paramount to us. We strive daily to establish a safe space for our people, your people, and the equipment.

Sarens has been the market leader for over 60 years; over three Sarens family generations are intimately involved in this business. Our success lies in our entrepreneurial spirit and our continued dedication to our job. However, taking heavy lifting and engineered transport seriously is for us not just a matter of DNA and a family tradition but, most importantly, a choice.  

At Sarens, we will continue to build our future on the foundations of our rich past but we ensure our clients that we will always stay ahead of the game when it comes to heavy lifting and engineered transport. We will keep braking ground and securing that your project is delivered in the fastest, safest, and smartest way.

Stay with us - Nothing too heavy, Nothing too high.

Ludo Sarens - President of the Board of Directors