Samoco, a Belgian-based Sarens subsidiary, is a full-service assembly company with multidisciplinary expertise. It provides a wide range of services to companies in need of technical expertise in assembly, disassembly, maintenance, and shutdowns of factory installations and industrial equipment, as well as the mechanical maintenance and refurbishment of port and overhead cranes. Samoco has extended this range of activities with the introduction of industrial relocation services.

Flexibility and quality is what we are renowned for.

Many companies no longer have in-house technical specialists. They prefer to work with an external partner like Samoco to provide them with creative, efficient, and qualitative technical solutions. Our profound customer focus, combined with a skilled, versatile, and safety-conscious workforce, is what earns us customer trust. Clients appreciate our flexibility, accessibility, and availability. They rely on us because they know we continue until the job is done, no matter where or when.

Continuous training is an essential part of our success.

Skilled employees require skilled training. At Samoco, we've developed an in-house factory simulator where our employees receive both technical and safety training from experienced project leaders.

Our multidisciplinary employees are unique.

Versatility is our guiding principle. Throughout their Samoco career, our employees work in different industries, on different sites, performing different tasks. As a result, they are able to cover multiple disciplines. A Samoco worker who can perform both crane lifts and rigging and maintenance activities is not an exception, but on the contrary, the standard.

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