Vilnius Town Hall Square Project in Lithuania
In an unusual operation, Sarens crane dismantles a huge tower crane in Lithuania
March 2018

Located in the heart of the town of Vilnius in Lithuania, the historic palace of the city is being restored into a luxurious hotel which is expected to open by the next spring.

As part of the restoration process, a tower crane was placed in the courtyard of the town hall square. The project was completed and the tower crane had to be dismantled. However, it was standing in the yard away from the street making it difficult to enter inside the courtyard to accomplish the task.

Sarens 300t power lifting crane was roped-in to dismantle the huge tower crane. Sarens team built the crane at the reconstructed Pac Houses. Once built, the wind velocity was closely examined before the operation could start. Once the wind was stable, the team carefully pushed out a telescope and remotely operated to get the tower crane dissembled. The tower crane parts had to be raised across a house which further added to the complexity. The crane operator could not directly see the parts to be dissembled and was operating basis the instructions of other team members who signaled him remotely.

The team explicitly orchestrated the entire operation safely. The task required coordination, experienced workforce and a good team work and continued for a complete day.

According to Sarens Country Manager for Lithuania, Viktor Bernatovic, "Sarens is a heavylift specialist and we have lifted very heavy loads in the past, so lifting a tower crane was not complicated but definitely required a good team with strong coordination."