Wind turbines in Trairi
Location: Trairi - Brazil
Equipment used: LR 1600/2W; AC 500-2; 100t hydraulic crane
April 2013

Sarens do Brasil and its partner BSM have been awarded the project Trairi for crane services to pre-assemble and to execute the final assembly of the first 50 units Siemens Wind Turbine Generators with concrete towers. This is the first project of Siemens where these concrete towers are used. With a hub height of 80m and weights up to 156t for the tower sections, BSM |Sarens is proud to announce that the first nacelle has been put in place mid-March.

Part of the rotors will be lifted pre-assembled on the ground. The LR1600/2W has been approved by Liebherr to operate with the lifting yoke. Based on the performance, commercial and technical support to find the best solution for the erection of these turbines with concrete towers, Siemens also awarded the next project for another 34 turbines to BSM | Sarens.