The Vĩnh Tân Power Station Project
Sarens successfully places the generator-stator units at the Vĩnh Tân Power Station involving detailed engineering analysis and meticulous execution.
October 2016

Vĩnh Tân power station is a proposed 6,224-Megawatt (MW) coal power plant complex in Bình Thuận province, Vietnam. The Vĩnh Tân power station complex is made up of four separate plants. In December 2013, Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) signed a construction agreement with the Mitsubishi Corporation and Doosan Heavy Industries (a subsidiary of the Doosan Group) to build the two-unit, 1,200-MW, $1.4 billion Vĩnh Tân-4. Electricity demand in Vietnam is expected to see a remarkable increase of more than 10% per annum in the coming years. Since the Southern Vietnam, the country's largest economic bloc, faces a critical situation in terms of its ability to adequately supply the increasing demand for power, this project has become an initiative of national importance as part of efforts to realize a stable supply of power for sustainable economic growth.

Sarens was entrusted with the preparations and operations for installation of two units of generator stator for Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant Project weighing 350mt. Sarens has performed similar projects successfully in the past so we were sure of using our efficient modular gantry system.  Moreover Sarens modular gantry system can be modified to suit the equipment dimensions and the operating floor elevation, thus making it perfect solution for the intended operation. This system is a unique solution which offers best reliability for related operations at a lower cost than conventional lifting methods.

The Meticulous Rigging

The modular gantry system and the support equipment were ocean freighted from Malaysia to Vietnam. Since all our equipment can be containerized they become easy to transport. Once arrived at site, the Modular gantry system(5 days) and the support structure(7 days) was assembled parallel with two teams of Sarens crew which took a total of 10 days for completing the setup. Since the support structure was required to be built to a height of 16m, it took the experience of our well trained crew to assemble the structure in timely and safe manner; the whole system was built to a tolerance of +/- 5mm accuracy, making the job meticulous. Detailed engineering analysis was done to ensure stability and safety of the equipment during operation.

The Precise Lift

The project involved installation of 2 generator-stator units each of them 6m in height and weighing 350mt. The weight and height of the generator units posed a challenge and the confined space added to it. A highly skilled Sarens crew performed the operation by first lifting the generator unit to a height of 16m to the operating floor level and skid it to the foundation 40m from the lifting location. The operation team used the Modular gantry support structure ( 11m x 8.5m x 16m ); 600mt- Modular gantry system (8m x 6.5m x 6m) with 4 strand jacks -588mt cap for lifting along with the skidding system with 8 push pull units (20mt capacity).

The operation was done without any down time as the equipment was at the peak of its performance, credit to the regular maintenance and checks done. We had a satisfactory client at the end of installation of both units of the generator, which is a justification of overall efforts of manpower and equipment  and completion of the project  in a safe and timely manner as per the planned schedule.

Our Project Manager, Vipin Kumar.M.S was quoted saying, "The success of the project was a result of detailed planning & engineering along with a great team effort to complete the project in safe and sound manner, our experienced project team & their professional approach had made a complex lifting look simple & elegant, the feeling of pride once a job well executed and congrats from happy client is what it keeps the entire team motivated and look forward to the next big thing."