The Talara Refinery Project, Peru
Sarens CC8800/1 138m SSL configuration performs first-of-a-kind lift in the LatAm region
February 2017

Sarens began the modernization of the Talara refinery, the biggest refinery of Peru, in May 2016. Sarens was awarded the project by Technicas Reunidas (TR), the main contractors for the refinery modernization project valued at approximately 2,700 million USD.  Sarens assisted TR since 2012 in the bidding process of the project. As part of the contract, Sarens shall be responsible for the heavy-lifting and engineered-transport associated with the modernization.

Sarens has currently deployed 12 cranes at the site, including Liebherr LR1750 (750t) and Terex CC-2500-1 (500t) along with 70 axles of SPMTs. Our 1600t Terex CC8800/1, will be the first-of-a-kind crane to perform a lift in the Latin American region.

Early November, Sarens performed the lift of a 470t vessel deploying a 750t and 500t crane. The CC8800-1 performed its first lift at the site this month. The CC 8800/1 138m SSL configuration lifted the HTN-C-001 Vessel (89t, 99t including hook block and tackle) at a 112m radius. The CC8800-1 configured as SSL/LSL, used 138m main boom and 30m of SL Radius with 550t of ballast.

Our team of highly skilled workforce from Peru successfully carried out the lifts under strict safety guidelines. The impressive lifting capacity of CC8800-1 was appreciated by the client as it allowed up to sixty percent increase in the capacity at a short radii.

The modernization of the Talara refinery is carried out with the objective to produce diesel and gasoline fuels according to the new Peruvian environmental requirements (with a maximum sulfur content of 50 ppm) at competitive prices. This represents the largest refining turnkey project world-wide awarded to a single contractor which has to be completed within a schedule of fifty-five months.