The Seagreen Offshore Wind Project In China
Sarens assembles Seagreen offshore wind jackets in Zhuhai, China.
January 2023

Sarens was asked to provide heavy lifting service for the Seagreen Offshore Wind Project in Zhuhai, China. 30 jackets had to be assembled at the Zhuhai Jutal yard. Once complete in 2023, the 1.1GW Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm will be Scotland's largest and the world's deepest fixed-bottom offshore wind farm.

Sarens CC6800 was set up to perform the lifts with the configurations: 

  • SH without main boom
  • SSL with superlift and main boom
  • SWSL with superlift, SSL/LSL 96/42

The CC6800 was mobilised from Qinzhou, Guangxi province to Zhuhai Jutal site in Guangdong province. Moblisation took about 60 trucks and 20 days. The crane was assembled in 10 days. 

Project Engineer, Wang Shuai said, “Each jacket weighed around 1900T and was smoothly assembled by the crew.” He adds, “ We are thankful to the team from Zhuhai Jutal who helped us with yard logistics and ground preparations.”