Sarens helps to build a new arena
Location: Stockholm - Sweden
Equipment used: 610-support system; 4 x 650t Strand Jacks
November 2011

The Stockholm Arena is a sport and event arena. With its 30.000 seats, the arena can host many different types of events e.g. football, concerts, equestrian sports, motor sport, corporate meetings and banquettes and exhibitions all year round. For this reason, the arena is built with a sliding roof, allowing events to be held independent of weather conditions.

Sarens lifted two steel roof trusses approximately 30m and secured them on suspension beams at both ends. Each roof truss is 180m long, 7m wide and 17m high. The small and narrow site provided Sarens with challenging logistics.

Installation of the suspension beams also required several tandem lifts, chain blocks and jacks to get into final position.

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