Solan Jacket Project
Location: Methil - United Kingdom.
Equipment used: LR 11350; LR 1600-2; CC 2800-1; 2 x LR 1160
March 2014

Sarens UK assisted with the construction of the Solan Jacket and Topsides at the Fife Energy Park fabrication yard in Scotland. Sarens provided four heavy lift cranes plus two support cranes to assemble the jacket components and roll up the side frames to form the main structure. The critical lifts are being executed by Sarens UK Ltd on a Contract Lift basis, with Sarens providing engineering expertise, lifting operation planning and supervision, specialist lifting tackle and extensive quantities of load spreading matting to accommodate the restricted bearing capacity of the ground in the area.  With some of the structures being 100m long and 40m wide planning the lifting operations requires detailed engineering and careful execution on site, to ensure each crane carries the correct share of the load at all times. The disposition of the weight between the lift points means that the loads are  not equally shared between the cranes, hence different capacity cranes and configurations have to be utilised at each location, which further complicates the operations.