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LOCATION: Ghent - Belgium
November 2011

Sarens' SGC-120, a "true" and in-house designed crane, is the new standard in heavy lifting and designed according to European and American standards. The crane is named "Big Benny" after one of the 5 family shareholders, who was the driving force in the construction of this giant. This was unveiled by our Operations Director Carl Sarens (son of Benny Sarens) to the Belgian staff on a sunny but cold Sunday morning.

Sarens' newly custom-made super heavy lift crane with jib will make its debut in Arizona this fall for the construction of a high tech facility. The crane can lift 3.200t and can move bythe mm over 360 degrees around its double ring base. Assembly of the crane will take place in the USA (Arizona) within  approximately six weeks after some 200 containers have arrived in the US this September.