SGC-120 at work in Flamanville
The SGC-120, or Big Benny, is currently working at the nuclear site of Flamanville, a third generation EPR reactor.
July 2013

Last July, an eagerly-awaited milestone took place: the installation of the dome on the reactor building. This spectacular operation in terms of both tool size and positioning accuracy required one of the most powerful cranes in the world: the SGC-120.

At a height of 200m (twice as high as the Statue of Liberty) and a 130m radius, "Big Benny" lifted the dome of the Flamanville EPR reactor building, which weighs 260t and has a diameter of 43m. The installation of the dome required a four month preparation period and involved 30 employees from EDF - Bouygues Construction and Sarens' project and engineering team.The EPR is scheduled to start producing electricity in 2016 and will have a capacity of 1.650 MW, enough to supply power to 1,5 million people.

A video of this lift can be found here.