The Swiss mountains during summertime
LOCATION - Sargans - Switserland
November 2011

Switzerland, like many countries, has embarked on major projects designed to replace ageing infrastructure. In Sargans, the replacement of a highway bridge proved to be a challenge as the highway crossed a railway and a local road, both of which needed to remain operational for a maximum period of time. To make this possible, Sarens proposed to install a PC6800 lattice boom crane  as a sort of bridge  over the local road on 4 foundations; this enabled this road to remain open for as long as possible. A second challenge that had to be met was the fragility of the old bridge and the strict restrictions on the positioning of the new bridge.

To meet these challenges, Sarens developed a new lifting system: the SARspin, consisting of 4 cylinders that can be monitored, lengthened or shortened individually to allow for a maximum control of the load.