Pont Mathilde
After a truck accident in 2012 caused a damaging fire, the metal structure of the Pont Mathilde bridge in Rouen, France, was deformed and therefore closed for traffic.
June 2014

Last February Sarens removed the damaged 1000t bridge part and moved it to the quay for reparation.

On this quay a new 40m bridge part and the repaired bridge part were reassembled to form a bridge span of 115 m long. This June the final reinstallation of the Pont Mathilde took place. On Sarens' barge the 1,000t bridge part was brought to the Pont Mathilde. The barge turned the bridge span parallel with the foundations and awaited the high tide while staying in the correct place with moores and winches. During the lowering of the tide the bridge part was installed into its final positioning using the CS600 climbing system.