Maiden Voyage of Barge Louis
LOCATION - Pont Bacalan - Bordeaux - France EQUIPMENT USED - barge Louis (100 x 33 x 7,6 m); 4x tower jacking system CS600; 64 axle lines SPMT's
November 2011

The seagoing barge Louis (class I; unrestricted navigation) left the shipyard for its "Maiden Voyage" from Italy to France. 2 stacked bridge sections were lowered down after each other and secured onto the barge deck for this 3 week trip.

The first voyage was between San Giorgio Di Nogaro (IT) and Bordeaux (FR). The first bridge section was loaded onto the barge using SPMT and jacked up on the barge deck to over 8m height. The second section was loaded under the first section using the same SPMT's. The installation started upon arrival in Bordeaux.

Positioning works of both bridge sections took place at the beginning of August.
Sister barge "Paula" is under construction.