Thornton Bank, emperor of the Belgian Offshore Wind
Location: Ostend - Belgium
Equipment used: onshore: CC 6800; Sennebogen 5500; offshore on Neptune: Huisman crane 600t;LTR 1100
August 2012

Sarens installed and executed this spring and summer phase II of the Belgian Offshore wind project Thornton Bank. The new project consists of thirty turbines of 6MW each.

Sarens performed all onshore logistics, such as unloading of supply vessels, transport to and from intermediate storage and loading on board of the Jack up Barge Neptune at the logistic hub in Ostend. The preassembly and loading on board of the rotor with a diameter of 126m was the most spectacular lift.

owever the heaviest part is the nacelle with a weight of 352t at a radius of 33m. On the Jack Up Barge, Sarens owns and operates a fixed Huisman crane (in green on the picture) which performs all lifts to install the tower elements, nacelles and the preassembled rotor at the offshore installation site in the North Sea. The Thornton Bank has the largest Belgian Offshore wind turbines of 6MW each and thus is the emperor of Belgian Offshore Wind!