Northern Lights Carbon Capture Project In Norway
Sarens SPMTs transport 12 tanks for vital carbon capture and storage initiative
May 2024

For several weeks in January, Sarens was involved in moving 12 carbon dioxide tanks on behalf of customer Aker Solutions As and the Northern Lights project. The Northern Lights project is part of the greater Norwegian carbon capture and storage initiative, Longship. The goal of the project is to capture carbon dioxide from industrial sources and ship it, in liquid form, to a subsea location in the North Sea for permanent storage.

Executed on site in Kollsnes, Norway, the transport operation called for 24 axle K24ST SPMTs and two Maxi PPUs. The K24ST SPMTs were selected due to their impeccable performance on similar projects. All the equipment was mobilised to the site via four trucks and required a half day of rigging to prepare for transport. The SPMTs arrived in mid-November and will remain on-site through mid-April.

For this operation, careful planning was vital. Sarens knew that load capacity would be critical at the site and that it was crucial to stay below 5T per square metre. Working with maximum precision and care, the Sarens SPMTs transported each tank from the quayside to the storage area, a distance of approximately 600 metres. Each of the 35-metre long, 230-tonne tanks was moved along two lines of 12-axle SPMTs with two power pack units. The tanks had to be transported at a certain height to get into the jobsite, Energiparken Rogn, through fixed entry gates. For this reason, high cribbing on the trailers was required.

Sarens would like to thank the SPMT supervisor and three operators involved in transporting the carbon dioxide tanks for this important project. The weather in Norway at this time of year can often be windy and unpredictable, but the team was able to complete the operation with perseverance, patience, and skill. 
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