Matarbari Power Plant In Bangladesh
CC2800-1 crane lifts 70-tonne load during 10-month operation at the power plant
May 2023

Sarens Bangladesh, working on behalf of client Jurong Engineering Limited, recently lifted a grinder at the Matarbari power plant in Bangladesh. The load weighed 70 tonnes and measured 74 meters high, with a 36-meter radius. 

For this project, Sarens used the CC 2800-1 crane in HSWSL 108+60m configuration with 60-tonne/180-tonne counterweight and auxiliary equipment. The equipment was explicitly selected to account for lifting radius and height. Specific points such as ground leveling, preparing the assembly area, and creating the lifting plan were thoroughly addressed during the planning phases. Despite the four crew members having to contend with challenges like wind and lifting height, they could accomplish the lift.

The CC 2800-1 crane has been in continuous operation for eight months without any major breakdowns and will stay at the project site for another two months. During the three-month mobilization, it arrived by sea from India to Bangladesh. Fifty-nine trailers transported the equipment to the remote project site location, where it was set up over five days. Logistics were particularly complex and costly because of the very remote location and the necessity of relying on sea freight. 

The project manager for this operation is Md. Subail Bin Alam, the project engineer, is Shafayet Hossain Shaon, and the transport manager is Shamsul Arefin. We want to commend them and the crew members involved in successfully leading this operation.