LBC Tank Terminal Project
Sarens transports and installs 16 storage tanks at the LBC Tank Terminal Rotterdam.
April 2017

Starting with transport over water, Sarens installed the 16 storage tanks at the LBC Tank Terminal in Rotterdam. The operation was part of LBC Tank Terminals key expansion project named Rainbow which will triple the storage capacity for petroleum products and chemicals to 250.000 m³. Divided into phases, the first phase has 16 new storage tanks and a new jetty to be installed, the land side will be expanded and the infrastructure within the tank park will be modernised integrally.

Engicon nv (Geldof), one of the leading solution providers for engineering and site erection of storage tanks, was commissioned to undertake the project. The first phase of the project was required to be performed under a strict schedule and have the 16 tanks constructed, transported, and installed before summer of 2017. Engicon roped in Sarens, the heavylift and transport specialist, to safely and timely carry out the transport and installation of the 16 tanks at the LBC Tank Terminal Rotterdam within three days.

Meticulous planning and time management was required to safely place the impressive tanks, ranging up to 15m in diameter and over 17m in height. The tanks were fully constructed and finished in Geldof's workshops and shipped from Kinderdijk to LBC Rotterdam.

Sarens carried out the load-in of the tanks by an 1800t sheer leg, followed by transportation on land using a 24 and 20 axle line SPMT along with its support structure. The installation of the tanks was performed by a 500t and 700t (SSL configuration) mobile crane.

The complete operation of shipping and installation of the 16 tanks at the LBC Tank Terminal Rotterdam was completed half a day ahead of schedule without any incidents. In words of our Project manager, Mart van Hoorn, "Those simultaneous actions required a stringent schedule, and a lot of effort from the involved personnel during execution. Thanks to the team for the safe actions!"