“WASP” crane boosts wind turbine erection speed
LOCATION: La Prevoterie (Droupt-Saint-Basle) - France
EQUIPMENT USED - LTM11200-9.1; LTM1100; AC100-4; LTM1060-2
July 2011

Sarens erected 18 wind turbine generators type MM92 at 80 m  hub height. Due to the telescopic crane LTM 11200 that can mobilise on site between windturbines in only half a day, erection sequences of up to 3 turbines per week can be reached!

For  these projects Sarens supplies an all-in TCI service. This includes transport ( T ) from all WTG parts from manufacturer to site, all loading, intermediate storage, unloading and craneage ( C ), and complete mechanical and electrical installation ( I ). The complete project approach involves all project management, engineering, HSEW, and takes over all time planning risks from the customer.