K25 in Canada
Sarens recently added the newest type of Kamag to its Canadian fleet of heavyweight transport equipment. The K25 is a completely new, autonomous platform trailer with various combination possibilities, adjusted to the requirements of transport tasks on pu
January 2012

This K25 is a combination of a conventional platform trailer for road transport and a North American special with longer axle spacings and removable wheel sets. Sarens also has custom spacer decks for length and width applications available  from 2 file 10ft6" wide to 2 file 16ft wide, and of course also the 3 and 4 file capabilities. The trailers are quite unique with their lighter tare weight, bigger tire sizes and longer and wider deck spacers.

Projects in Canada involve great distances in extreme weather conditions (from -45°C in winter to +40°C in summer), as you can see on the pictures of the K25's first jobs. Four 110 ton vessels were moved using cranes and transport (pictures 1 and 2), and a 22m long vessel of 93 tons was transported to Cabin Lake Encana Shale Gas Field (picture 3).