Jimah East Power Station in Malaysia
Sarens lifts and installs two generator stator units at the Jimah East Power Station in Malaysia.
November 2018

Sarens was commissioned by Megalift to perform the lifting and installation of 2 generator stator units weighing 460T at the proposed 2,000 megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Jimah, Malaysia.

To perform the installation, Sarens deployed the following equipment:

  • Gantry BS610 - BS324 - BS 220
  • Turntable (Sarskid S432 curved)
  • Modular beams MB1500x600
  • Skidding equipment 

Part of the equipment was transported from the Belgium headquarter through ship and trailers while the remaining equipment came from the Malaysia division through trailers. Around twenty trailers were deployed for each mobilisation and demobilisation, requiring a total of eighty trailers. 

The installation required to turn the generator units by 90 degree in a confined space. The engineering team worked out the best possible way to perform the operation and deployed the turntables for the first time in Malaysia. According to Dharmendra Varshney, Country Manager, Malaysia, "With the sector evolving, the use of turn tables will open new opportunities for jobs requiring to turn the load in a limited space". 

The generators were skidded for 30m and lifted by starndjacks to a height of 18m. To install the generator stator units they were rotated by 90 degrees by rotating the skidshoes, followed by side-skid for 1m. The four bracings were removed and the units were turned and slowed down on the base. An eleven member crew took around 40 days to complete the operation, twenty days for assembling, three days for lifting, skidding, and installation, and around seventeen days for demobilisation. 

Project Engineer, Mohd Nurikhwan Mazlan adds, "It was a good experience working with a great team and making sure everything went as per plan and schedule. Turning the cargo and the subsequent skidding direction made things a little complicated, some heavy rain in the afternoons also gave us a bit more difficulty on the schedule, but with the support of the team we made sure it was done safely.