Installation of Two Water Evaporators for a Plant in Ras Lanuf, Libya
Sarens transports, jacks, and installs two massive water evaporators in Libya
April 2023

When global logistics leader DB Schenker needed to secure the transport and installation of two water evaporators for a plant in Ras Lanuf, Libya, they trusted Sarens’ equipment and expertise.  

To ensure a successful operation, Sarens first completed a route survey for transport in September of 2021. Then, during March of 2022, it conducted the transport and installation operation.

Sarens SPMTs transported the two 175-tonne evaporators 1.5km from the port to the plant, driving downhill while turning. The evaporators were then set down onto the PJ250 jacking system for vertical transportation, and jacked up approximately 1.5 metres. Sarens positioned trailers transversally below the 38-metre long evaporators, installing them above foundation piles. 

Eight crew members, including the crane driver and forklift operator, were involved in this operation. To see this operation in action, please check out this video: