Installation of 175T Tank For Ivens
Sarens lifts and installs a 5000 cubic metre tank in Evonik, Antwerp.
March 2023

Evonik is one of the leading chemical plants in the world. As part of its expansion plan, two new storage tanks for the chemicals AgraLi® and BlueSulfate® had to be installed at its site in Antwerp. 

The tank was fabricated across the canal by Ivens and transported to the site by the floating crane Brabo. Sarens had to lift and install the in-coming tank. The tank measured 16m high, 20m wide, and weighed 175T. The team had to address a few challenges before executing the project:

Strict ground pressure restrictions required calculated engineering.
The windmill close to the drop-off location posed a significant risk of collision.
The tank had to be lifted over a pipe rack. 
After detailed calculations and planning the CC6800 was chosen for the lift for its capacity and for respecting ground pressure limitations.

The crane was transported from Thuin, Belgium in 50 trucks and was assembled in 5 days. During the crane assembly and the lift, the wind mill was shut down for safety concerns and the movement of the crane was calculated to safely avoid any proximity to the wind mill.  

The tank was safely lifted from the floating crane Brabo, the crane moved 72m with the tank, and lifted it over a pipe rack to finally install it. The client was very pleased with the lifts performed by the CC6800 and the entire operation was completed in five hours.

Watch the video here!