HRSG-OT Modules In Malaysia
Sarens performs heavy lifting operations at a power plant in Selangor, Malaysia
July 2023

Equator Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (EESB) asked Sarens to perform heavy lifting operations at its plant in Selangor, Malaysia. The scope of the project included:

·        Installation of two units of HRSG-OT modules

·        Installation of Generator & Turbine

Installation of the HRSG modules was completed this past month and the installation of the generator and turbine is scheduled for September 2022.

For the HRSG modules having a maximum weight of 90T, the team used:

·        10 units of 46/62T strand jacks.

·        5 units of lifting beams designed specifically for the project

The equipment was transported on-site by road from Sarens yard in Balakong.

Sarens designed a lifting system in-house for the project. The design and the equipment had to be inspected and approved by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) of Malaysia before releasing the PMA certificates for the equipment. All the approvals had to be in place within a tight schedule. The equipment was installed and operated on top of a tower, 35m above ground level.

For the next phase starting this September, Sarens will be installing generator and turbine units using modular strand jacks and gantry system.

Sarens crew successfully completed the operation safely and adhering to all the safety procedures. According to Tim Van Hoeydonck, Operations Manager, “Sarens has proven experience in installing generators, turbines, and HRSG OT modules."