Goseong Green Power Plant Project in South Korea
Sarens lifts several steel structures within the plant's boiler building.
August 2018

Sarens recently started performing lifts at the Goseong Green Power Plant in South Korea, which, once complete, will be the country's largest private power plant. This ultra large thermal power plant is designed to increase efficiency by 15% thanks to advanced technology that allows it to run at higher temperatures but use less coal and emit less greenhouse gas. 

Sarens' involvement in the operation will continue through August of next year. It primarily involves lifting steel structures on behalf of client SK Engineering and Construction. 

The 11-member crew has already lifted several steel structures within the plant's boiler building. These weighed about 20T, with a 75m radius and 80m height. To do it, they used the largest tower crane in Korea, the WT2405L e.tronic. This tower crane is useful when buildings are high, and in cases like these it can be a better option than the LR 1750. 

"It took us one year to convince the client to use a tower crane instead of crawler cranes due to limited space available on site," says project manager Jungho Lee. "The client realised that the Sarens WT2405 is one of the biggest tower cranes in Asia and was convinced that they could save the construction period, which meant saving money. They changed the crane plans to eliminate four crawler cranes and add the WT2405 in order to avoid job site congestion." 

The large-capacity tower crane was the perfect solution for this project, and two units were deployed on site. They have a 32T capacity up to a 52m radius, and 19.5T capacity up to a 78m radius. 

"Now the client is using our tower crane happily, and they are able to speed up construction with a simple and safe solution," Lee says. "Sarens has changed the power plant market with a brand new trend, new paradigm, and new method of power plant construction." 

The tower cranes were mobilised from Poland to South Korea and travelled for 10 weeks by sea. Once on land, about 45 trucks were required to carry each tower crane to the job site, in a rural area about 500km from Seoul. There, it took four weeks to assemble them due to limited space on site.