Flammanville 4In September 2011, the Sarens Group created Sarens Nord Ouest, the Sarens France subsidiary formerly named "Cherbourg Levage" is recognized in nuclear heavy lift rigging and heavy haul transport services.
July 2011

Since its founding in 1986, Cherbourg Levage has successfully executed projects for 25 years in every heavy lift segment of the nuclear power industry for customers such as: AREVA, DCNS, EDF and their main partners ALSTOM, BOUYGUES, ENDEL-GDF SUEZ,EIFFAGE, IBERDROLA,VINCI ...

Qualifications and Certifications:

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • CEFRI E certification (expected)
  • EDF qualification UTO: Industrial nuclear logistics,  Handling, Heavy lift
  • AREVA qualification: Handling and Heavy lift
  • OSHAS 18001 certification (expected)
  • Staff Nuclear Qualifications: PR1 (risk prevention 1 for workers), PR2 (risk prevention 2 for site managers and team leaders), HN ( Quality), QSP(Service Provider Safety)

Project EPR Flamanville 3
Following an initial preparatory phase involving earthworks andexcavation in 2006, construction work on the EPR began in December 2007, and is now well underway.
The plant is due to go commercial in 2016. It will be the first in the series of a new generation of nuclear reactors
Scope: Nuclear industrial logistics services, engeneering, handling, heavy lift and special transport services.
Location: Flamanville, France
Owner: EDF
Peak of personnel: 30


  • Barge "la Fernande"-Cherbourg
  • Lattice boom cranes (up to 3200t capacity): CC8800 (dome lifting  and polar crane forBYTP/EDF/APCO), LR1600 (nuclear components handling BYTP/EDF/AREVA), SCX 2800, SCX 2500 (civil works for turbine hall, pumping station, nuclear building BYTP/VINCI/EIFFAGE)
  • Peak of crane in rental : 20 telescopic cranes up 20t to 700t
  • SPMT for nuclear or conventionnal components transfer in roll on - roll off  at cherbourg or dielette slipway ( ALSTOM, BOLLORE, SIEMENS...)
  • Gantry lifting and handling systems (ALSTOM- MSR, BYTP, ENDEL, EDF)