Enercon E-70 Installation in Russia
Sarens sets up WTG and other components of three E-70s, with a capacity of 2.3 MW each, in Russia.
January 2019

Vetrotechnika commissioned Sarens to install three new turbines, the Enercon E-70s, having a height of 65m each, near the village of Ushakovo - 20km south of Kaliningrad in Russian. Working below -18°C with wind speeds above 10m/s during installation, Sarens five member crew safely completed the project.

The modular towers, each 65m high, were topped with the nacelle and generator, weighing a combined 71T. Our team deployed Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 TYVEN/27.2m(49.1m) + 9m + 28m/CW114T. This crane is capable of working with two hooks for hub with blades installation. LTM 1750-9.1 reached the job site by 12 trucks from Gdansk, Poland in three days and was assembled in around seventeen hours. 

The installation of the turbine was carried out in defined stages. First, a base ring with a weight of 18T followed by electric modules were installed. The following modules, 3 sections with a weight of 54T (height of 17.5m), 38T (height of 35m), and 42T (height of 65m) were raised and mounted. Once all the sections were installed, a Nacelle weighing 19T (radius - 28.5m) and a generator weighing 52T (radius 26.5m) were mounted at a height of 65m. Finally, the hub with blades was assembled. The length of one blade was 35m. At the final stage, using two hooks, a rotor assembly with 51T blades was raised and mounted. 

Project Manager, Suprunets Dmitry says, "Despite severe weather conditions Sarens' team successfully completed the WTG building project in accordance with the client's cost and timelines." The client, Yuriy Kravchenko adds: "I want to say thank you Sarens' team for their professionalism. Work has completed fast and with high quality".