Location: Chernobyl - Ukraine
Equipment used: CC 8800-1
March 2014

Sarens participated in the New Safe Confinement Project at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in  the Ukraine. The purpose of the project is to fully  contain the damaged nuclear reactor building and  prevent the reactor complex from leaking further  radioactive material into the environment for the  next 100 years. Unit 4 of the reactor building will  be encased in a massive arched steel structure.  Before this could happen, the old chimney had to  be removed with the help of Sarens' CC8800-1 in  its almost full configuration. After the stabilization  of each of the 7 tube parts, the chimney could  be removed by sections, each weighing  approximately 55t. Any miscalculations could  cause a cloud of radioactive dust, but this  challenging operation was brought to a successful  end. The complete old chimney was removed  safely.