Precision work in Bourgas
Location: Bourgas - Bulgaria
Equipment used: CC 2800-1; LR 1600/2; Sartower; skidding system; 60 axle lines SPMT's
April 2013

Sarens transported two enormous fuel reactors with SPMT's from the port of Bourgas to an oil refinery. The vessels (1.400t each, 57m long and 9m high) were transported through the center of the city of Bourgas.

Street and traffic lights and high tension cables were removed to allow the vessels to pass and the project was especially timed in the touristic low season. After a transport of 38 hours, followed by many people in the streets, the vessels arrived on site for the installation. They were lifted with the Sartower equipped with a skidding system and two tailing cranes. To construct the Sartower with 4 towers of 70m high, every element of the Sartower was needed, as well as 2 beams of 40m long.