Jacket Load Outs at Aker Kvaerner Verdal
Customer: Aker Kvaerner Verdal AS
Location: Aker Verdal Yard, Verdal , Norway
Equipment used: Skidding equipment: 16 x 200T Strand Jacks
Ballast equipment: 44 x 650T/hr ballast pumps, total capacity 28.600T/hr; computerized level control sy
August 2011

Sarens Transrig developed and built a  computerized ballast control system. The system consists of 44 submersible ballast pumps and a computerized Level Indication System, that automatically keeps a barge of 190 m x 50 m x 11 m in level with the quay, within millimetres of tolerance.

Since 2000 Sarens Transrig has loaded out 11 jackets at the Aker Kvaerner Verdal Yard:


Oseberg Sør Jacket, 9.000T, skidding Huldra Jacket, 7.600T, skidding 


- Valhall Jacket, 5.000T, trailer load-out
- Kvitebjørn Jacket, upper part, 5.600, trailer load-out
- Kvitebjørn Jacket, lower part, 9.600 T, skidding

2003 Grane Jacket, 18.000T, skidding
2004 - Clair Jacket, 12.000T, skidding
- Ekofi sk 2/4 M Jacket, 7.000T, skidding
2005 - Buzzard Project, Production Jacket, 7.250T, skidding
- Wellhead Jacket, 7.250T, trailer load out
- Utility Jacket, 6.200T, skidding