15y contract with Saudi Aramco
Location: Bahrain
Equipment used: 17 Terex mobile cranes
September 2013

In January 2013 Abdulla Nass & Partners Co. Ltd (ANPC), the JV entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia between Sarens and the Nass Group from Bahrain, secured a 15 year contract with Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil company. Known as Sarens Nass Middle East in Bahrain, ANPC has a long history of trading with Saudi Aramco and managed to secure a contracting agreement some 50 years ago. This year sees the 50th Anniversary of the Nass Group and the 10th anniversary of Sarens Nass Middle East. The contract requires ANPC to supply 17 brand new units of Terex mobile AT cranes and maintain them for a duration of 15 years. ANPC is further required to operate 12 of the cranes 24 hours a day. All these 12 cranes are to be located in the Southern Gas Well area undertaking maintenance works on some 6.000 existing gas wells. All cranes are supplied to Saudi Aramco's exacting high standards and are inclusive of power line warning systems and additional desert AC's to cope with the 50c plus heat.