The Notable 80-Hour Replacement of The East Shore Expressway, USA
Sarens undertook the rapid bridge replacement of the East Shore Expressway, USA early September.
October 2016

Sarens was awarded the contract to install the two bridges, the East Shore Expressway Bridge and the McCormick Quarry Bridge in East Providence (both bridges in East providence) as part of the Gov. Gina Raimondo's Rhode Islands Works plan. Sarens installed the East Shore Expressway early September and the McCormick Quarry bridge late September.

The East Shore Expressway carries traffic from I-195 East to Route 114 South, carrying 20,600 vehicles per day. It was classified as functionally obsolete, its concrete piers were severely deteriorated, and were supplemented with large wooden timbers to carry the bridge's structural load. Owing to this, there was  a 17-ton weight limit imposed for more than four years, requiring most truck traffic to divert on city streets.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation(RIDOT) decided to replace the old bridge by the rapid bridge replacement technique which involved replacing the old bridge with a new one in just an 80-hour period. This process dramatically shortened the overall construction timeframe, completing the bridge one year earlier than would be possible using conventional construction methods. Additionally, if RIDOT had not taken this approach, the travelling public would have been impacted over the course of a year with each ramp only opened at half capacity. It was the first time that RIDOT was using this project management approach and was looking at a skilled partner to undertake the task.

To accomplish the daunting task Sarens was contracted by the Manafort Brothers(main contactor) as the heavy-lift specialist to maneuver the super structures of the bridge. The project involved the demolition of the existing bridge, repairs to the bridge foundations, followed by the installation of the entire new bridge superstructure sitting on large abutments next to the bridge.

The new bridge superstructure was built in temporary staging areas on supports next to the old bridge. Starting September 9, 2016, the old bridge was demolished and the bridge foundation elements were completed. Sarens deployed its super-efficient 36 axle lines of Kamag K24 along with various beam and bracings arrangements and 4x climbing jacks CS600;  to transfer the prefabricated bridge deck. The structure weighed 860 tonnes measuring 23.600 mm x 70.000 mm x 3.500 mm. Sarens SPMTS lifted the new bridge off its supports, drove it down Warren Avenue, moved it into position, and lowered it on the new foundations. Sarens started the drive at 3pm on Sunday afternoon and the SPMTs moved out at 10pm the same day after completing the spectator-worthy maneuvering task.

The project resulted in a happy customer who specially congratulated our team on successful installation of the bridge. "This is pretty cutting edge stuff," said RIDOT Director Peter Alviti Jr., "We're pleased with the installation of the East Shore Expressway Bridge". Even the onlookers were totally floored by the project, "You think years ago, when people had to measure with tapes and chalks and strings. This is really a fantastic project," added Bill Walsh, one of the residents.