Sarens Performs Load-out as Part of the TCO Project in Bulgaria
Operators load-in and load-out pre-assembled units for part of TCO project located in Bulgaria
February 2019

Sarens is currently involved in the biggest project it has ever undertaken: the load-in and load-out of pre-assembled units (PAUs) at the Tengizchevroil (TCO) Southern Trans-Shipment Base (STSB) in Bulgaria.

When it needed to develop and operate two trans-shipment bases (one in Bulgaria and one in Finland), it entrusted Sarens with the load out, storing, stacking, and transport of the prefabricated models to their installation points. These trans-shipment bases are designed to receive cargo from ocean-going vessels and transfer them to smaller inland vessels for delivery to the Caspian Sea. 

Sarens commenced work on the project in July of 2018 with 58 people involved in the operation. 

Sarens is currently performing load-ins and load-outs of PAUs. Operators load in each PAU from an ocean-going vessel and set it in storage for cleaning. Next, they load it out on a modular carrying vessel for its onward journey. 

SPMTs were chosen for this project because of their limited height, and are used for load-ins because they are easy to reconfigure. Almost all the SPMTs for this project are brand new and were delivered directly from the factory. 

The Group would like to congratulate everyone who is involved in this ongoing project for their commitment, day in and day out, to making this one of the biggest success stories in Sarens' history!