Sarens Installs Generator and Turbine Units in Malaysia
Sarens installs 38T Turbine and 359T Generator units at Tanjung Kidurong Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (TKCCPPP) in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia
July 2018

Sarens was roped in by Air-Marine to install generator and turbine units at the Tanjung Kidurong Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (TKCCPPP) in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. The units had to be installed on the foundation - 1390mm from ground level.

To undertake the combined operation of lifting and skidding, our teams decided to use the modular gantry. Special DOSH approval was required since it was the very first time a modular gantry system was being used at the site.

Before the project could start, the client had to complete the ground preparation and Sarens crew of five members performed the load test using a dummy load.

To execute the operation, Sarens deployed:

  • Modular gantry 610
  • 600T Skidding System
  • 4x418T Strand Jacks.

All the equipment were shipped from the Malaysia division to Bintulu Sarawak by sea in four days. 11 trailers were transported by road for mobilization/demobilization. The equipment was set-up in four weeks. 

The 38T turbine and 359T generator was picked up from the SPMT and installed by combining lifting & skidding techniques. The units were successfully installed in two days. It was the first time that a modular gantry system was used at Borneo Island and the client was very happy.

The limited area and tight schedule offered a challenge but Sarens optimum solution with a gantry system helped the team safely complete the project without any delay in schedule.

According to Sarens Project Engineer, Kian Eng Lee, "Coordination and planning were our key to success, every single job was a challenge but together we achieved it and the client applauded our efforts."