Sarens Group and China Nuclear General Power Corporation establish strategic framework agreement
Following mutual consultation and friendly discussions, Sarens Group and China General Nuclear Power Corporation have decided to establish a strategic cooperation for the development of nuclear power business and non-nuclear projects in China or at abr
July 2013

Both parties have the goal to establish a long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship. The scope of cooperation under this present strategic framework agreement will include activities in the nuclear and non-nuclear field, as well as nuclear power decommissioning.

Nuclear power field: the development of nuclear power plants, including design, research on the nuclear power plant construction technology and R&D (research and development) of large equipment and tooling for the projects, such as Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) in Romania, UK, China.

Non-nuclear field: the development of on shore and off shore wind power, solar power, hydro power, thermal power, petroleum, chemistry industry, mining, civil works and etc.

Nuclear power decommissioning: the development of nuclear power decommissioning projects, as well as the R&D on the decommissioning technology.

About Sarens Group
Sarens Group, a family owned company of Belgian origin, has been providing heavy lift, engineered transport and specialized rigging services for almost 60 years. With state of the art design tools and one of the world's largest inventories of cranes, transporters, and specialty rigging equipment, along with a team of highly skilled professionals, the Sarens Group is an international market leader in its field.

The Group operates in 60 countries across the globe, achieving a consolidated turnover of €638 mio. in 2014. Sarens' fields of experience are mainly oil and gas production, on shore and off shore (wind)energy, petrochemical, mining and nuclear energy.

Employing more than 4,200 dedicated employees who embody the spirit of the company's motto, "Nothing too heavy, Nothing too high", the Sarens Group is well prepared to support its customers' heavy lift, engineered transport requirements around the globe and across every market sector.

About China General Nuclear Power Corporation

China General Nuclear Power Corporation is a large clean energy corporation under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) of the State Council of China

It is composed of 34 subsidiaries, covering the business areas of nuclear energy, nuclear fuel, non-nuclear clean energy, and financial & integrated service.