Sarens Works on the Extension and Upgrading of Prayon's Puurs Plant in Belgium
Ivens called on Sarens to carry out the transport and installation of a 25T, 10.22 meter high T070 tank and a 21.8T, 8 meter high MARP tank.
January 2024

Prayon is an international company specialized in phosphorus chemistry. The production plant located in Puurs is its second largest production site, which produces phosphoric acid as well as fluoride and phosphate salts that are used in a wide range of technical, food and agricultural applications. Puurs also hosts one of the 3 R&D centers of the Group.

Sarens, world leader in heavy lifting, engineered transport and crane rental, has worked with its client Ivens on the extension and improvement of the Prayons plant in Puurs, where a 25-tonne T070 tank and a 21.8-tonne MARP tank were installed.

Prior to this installation, the Sarens technical team unloaded the two tanks from the barge on which were transported to the quay using an LTM1200 crane unit with a 72-tonne counterweight, to be placed on an 8-axle SPMT for transport to their final location.

On site at Prayon, the Sarens team worked on lifting the two tanks for installation. An operation that required the skill of the crane operators, as a 700 tonne crane with boom lift could not be used to place the MARP tank at 65.5m radius because of a limited operating space. It was therefore decided to use a 650-tonne LTM1650 crane with 63 meters of fly jib combined with a smaller 450-tonne LTM1450 crane to place the tank once it had been lifted. These two new tanks added to the installation will reinforce the plant's production reliability.