Sarens Works at the Green Energy Project in France
Sarens works at the Swiss Krono renovation project at their plant in Sully Sur Loire, France
September 2023

The Green Energy project at Swiss Krono aims to transform the Sully Sur Loire site and replace around 90 percent gas consumption with renewable biomass sources. Swiss Krono specialises in the production of construction materials and other wood products. Swiss Krono Company recruited our client Vyncke Clean Energy Technology to replace the old equipment and install the new boiler at their green energy project in Sully sur Loire, France.

In a short rental project, Sarens was commissioned to lift the PCBR2 Smokestack. The challenge was to work under live plant conditions within a tight space and minimal disruption to nearby structures.

Sarens used the Demag AC 5.160-1 to successfully lift the 18.3T smokestack having a diameter of 5m. The lift was completed within a day. Sarens will be onsite for the next three months to execute multiple lifts. 

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