Sarens Works at the First Integrated Waste Management Project in Hong Kong
Sarens performs weighing, load-out, and sea transport of modules for the Integrated Waste Management Facilities (IWMF) Phase 1 in Hong Kong.
August 2023

The IWMF is Hong Kong's first integrated waste management facility for municipal solid waste. As a key part of Hong Kong's waste management strategy, it is able to reduce the total volume of waste treated at the facility by more than 90%, thus extending the lifespan of landfills.

Keppel Seghers Hong Kong Limited (Keppel Seghers HK) and Zhen Hua Engineering Co. Ltd. (Zhen Hua) won the contract to design, build, and operate the Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) off the coast of Shek Kwu Chau, Hong Kong. 

Keppel Seghers trusted the heavy lift specialist Sarens to assist barge transport, load-out, and weighing of over 17 modules from the fabrication yard in China to the installation site in Hong Kong.

The team had to meticulously plan and optimise the mobilisation and cross hiring of equipment to efficiently manage the movement, time, and cost considerations across the two project locations. The equipment used:

  • 216 axle-lines of SPMTs
  • 32 weighing jacks
  • A 140m semi-submersible barge
  • A 120m flatdeck barge

17 modules were loaded out from the COOEC Fluor Heavy Industries Ltd build yard in China and transported on barges by sea to Hong Kong. The modules included: 

  • Six prefabricated modules weighing 6000T each
  • Six prefabricated modules weighing 2500T each
  • Five prefabricated modules having maximum weight of 500T

These modules were then loaded in at the newly-built artificial island in Hong Kong waters. The temporary steel casing around the modules was removed and replaced with the permanent steelwork, followed by installation on the foundations.

According to the Project Manager, Heather Crockett,  “The artificial island was a reclaimed site. Therefore, it was challenging to work on the quay arrangement with variable ground conditions.” She adds, “The equipment was carefully selected and every move of the SPMTs was diligently planned and executed.” 

Sarens Senior Sales Advisor, Dirk Verwimp remarks, “Sarens is constantly working towards accelerating sustainability through our projects and equipment and we are immensely proud to work for the first integrated waste management facility in Hong Kong.”