Sarens Prepares to Execute TCI (Transport, Crane, and Installation) Wind Project in India
Sarens provides complete transportation, erection, and commissioning services for 135.3 MW  WTG installation in India. 
January 2023

Sarens client, Clean Max Enviro Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., had to install 41 WTGs in Pan India locations. The WTG components had to be lifted from the factory to site storage yard, unloaded at the storage yard, transported to the site location, unloaded, and finally erected. 

For this challenging project, the client was looking for a one-stop-solution-provider. Sarens rose to the challenge with its specialized TCI service package,  equipment built to support powerful and next-generation turbines, and its in-house experienced installation team. 

Sarens decided to deploy: 

  • Ex-work pick-up package including hydraulic axles, quad and penta-axle trailer etc.
  • Yard crane package including 250T hydraulic telescopic crane.
  • Main crane package including Sany 800A (800T crawler crane) with HJFJDB_5_150 main boom + 12m fly jib configuration. Sany 800A can easily and safely lift critical weight of 95T.
  • Supporting crane including 150T and 120T Tyre.
  • Intercarting package including axles and trailers.

The equipment was taken to the site from Gujarat with the help of trucks. Sany800A was transported in 42 trailers and was assembled in 42 hours. 

The components to be transported, lifted and installed are:

  • Five tower sections
  • Nacelle
  • Hub
  • Blades
  • WTG Accessories

The project began in the last quarter of 2022 and will continue until the third quarter of 2023. Sarens crew of 40 and 60 will be involved in the transportation and installation of the WTGs respectively. Stay tuned for a detailed coverage of the project in the coming months!