Sarens Precision-lifts 750m Long Pipeline
Sarens assists in the Complex Pipe Directional Drilling in the Netherlands
June 2024

In anticipation of increasing demand for raw water in the future, Evides Water Company called on Visser & Smit Hanab to upgrade and extend segments of the current raw water conveyance network, stretching from the reservoirs in the Biesbosch region to Zeeland.

Situated in Roosendaal, North Brabant, a 750m long pipeline had to be drilled. The pipeline's path traversed beneath the railway track, necessitating meticulous planning and flawless execution to ensure success.

Sarens was tasked by our client Visser & Smit Hanab to assist in the drilling of a 750-meter-long pipe beneath a railway track using a 450-tonne drilling rig. 

Sarens crew had to address the challenges while lifting the pipeline - the considerable length of the pipe, a substantial diameter of 1.40 meters, and limited space available onsite. 

Understanding the challenges and site conditions, Sarens deployed twelve mobile cranes with capacities ranging from 130 to 300 tonnes. A narrow road and limited space on-site meant that the cranes had to adhere strictly to a predetermined hoist plan, with each crane carefully scheduled to avoid congestion and maximise efficiency.

The retraction arc was meticulously calculated, and the positioning of the mobile cranes was strategically determined to optimise operational efficiency. Additionally, the necessary facilities for the cradles were planned and executed, ensuring seamless integration into the operation.

Upon arrival at the site, the twelve mobile cranes were assembled in half a day and remained onsite for two days. Throughout the two-day duration, each crane operated at maximum capacity, with a load of approximately 36 tonnes per crane, including the weight of the cradles. Despite the heavy weight and size of the pipeline, the cranes safely performed the lifting operation, ensuring that the pipe was lifted and retracted with utmost care and precision.

According to Sarens Supervisor, Michael Brama, “The project showcased the epitome of meticulous planning, strategic coordination, and unparalleled execution by our crew. We are extremely proud of our team”.