Sarens Precisely Maneuvers The Huge Cooling Flue Under Constrained Space
Sarens Poland recently performed the transportation of a 103 tonnes, 50 meters long flue fragment with a diameter of 9.4 meters inside the cooling tower on the premises of Elektrownia Opole.
July 2016

Sarens in Poland was awarded the contract for heavy lifting and transportation at the PGE Mining and Conventional Power Generation SA Branch in August 2014. The contract is part of the construction of Block 5 and 6 at the Opole Power Plant. The plant is located in Brzezie, 9 km from Opole, at the mouth of the river Small Panew to the Oder River, in the municipality of Dobrzeń great. The construction of units 5 and 6 of firing coal with a total capacity of 1,800 MW started in February 2014,  block 5 is to be completed in the third quarter of 2018 and block 6 in the first quarter of 2019.

As part of the project, Sarens recently performed the transportation of 103 tonnes and 50-meter long flue fragment of a diameter of 9.4 meters, in the premises of Elektrownia Opole. The task of loading and transportation of the flue inside the cooling tower was a critical one due to the limited space available for movement of the flue. In order not to interfere with the timetable, the giant tube was built on the site, but at a distance from the cooling tower which was to be transported inside the cooling tower.

The transportation involved many weeks of preparation, execution of precise measurements, calculations of strength equipment, stability, traction, etc. Many simulations and animations were prepared by the Sarens engineering team to ensure smooth transportation. 

For the project, Sarens deployed 32 lines Kamag K2400 ST supported by specialized Polish operators. The SPMT provided full maneuverability, even in the form of rotation around its axis which made the critical move successful. The client was pleased with the job accomplished by the Sarens team in Poland. As a result, we now have more tasks coming up at the Opole power plant which we shall be sharing on Connect as they come up. Stay tuned!