Sarens Loads Wind Farm Module onto Barge in Belgium
Sarens performs load-out at the site of Engie Fabricom in Hoboken, Belgium
December 2018

In June of 2018, Sarens was at the site of Engie Fabricom in Hoboken, Belgium, to weigh and load a topside module onto the Sarens barge "Paula". The load weighed 4.200T, with a height of 35m, length of 75m, and width of 40m.

This particular topside module was actually a large transformer slated for installation in the middle of the Hohe See Offshore Wind Farm off Germany's coast, where it would connect to the seashore as well as to all of the farm's windmills.

Ten crew members were involved in weighing and loading the module at the quay. To execute the operation successfully, they used the following equipment:

  • 4 x 34 axle lines K24ST
  • 16 x weighing cell 500T
  • Sarens barge "Paula" 

One of the main challenges the crew faced was performing a roll-on operation onto a tidal river, which required careful contingency plans.

Sarens would like to recognise everyone who helped make this important operation a success.