Sarens proudly launches its new super heavy-lift crane, the SGC-140
October 2017

The SGC-140 (Sarens Giant Crane –140) was launched in Ghent. Sarens held an inauguration event on Friday 13th of October 2017, where a number of journalists and key Sarens contacts attended the initiation of the largest crane owned by the organisation. CEO, Wim Sarens, and Director of Technical Solutions, Projects and Engineering, Carl Sarens, presented respectively the crane from a commercial and technical standpoint to the audience that attended.

The SGC-140 is one of the largest cranes in the world. It pertains to the SGC family of cranes, a group of fourcranes, namely: SGC-90. SGC-120,SGC-140, and SGC-250. With a lifting capacity of 2820T at a radius of 50M, the SGC-140 has three different boom configurations of 89, 118, and 130M. It has a maximum ground pressure of 25 T/M2 and has in-service and out-of-service wind speeds of 22,4 M/S and 56 M/S respectively.

The new features added tothe crane include:

4000t extra counterweight

  • Reinforced boom and mast
  • Upgraded boom hoist
  • Improved winches and Power pack units
  • New rail and bogie design

Itis important to note that, as the SGC-140 bares many similarities to the SGC-120, Sarens commercially expectsthe SGC-140 to have a comparable trajectoryto that of the SGC-120. The SGC-140 will beginits journey in Kazakhstan,where it will be of seminal importance to the completion of a part of the TCO project (the largest contract that Sarens has signed in its history of 62 years). For technical information on the SGC, we invite you to review this presentation.

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